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About Us

National Training, Inc. BuildingNational Training, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Florida on May 5, 1978 as proprietary post secondary vocational education institution. National Training Inc’s mission is to teach students a number of applied skills in selected professional fields where there is sustained and significant career potential. National Training Inc. educates its students to be employable and capable of professional growth, and further, to contribute to their profession and to a constantly changing, global society

Our Students
We are committed to providing our students with strong curricula emphasizing practical, usable skills blended with a relevant general education foundation. This is accomplished in a caring environment with personal attention and close faculty-student interaction. We offer education opportunity, with an “open door” admission component, to a diverse array of students, including high school graduates, Vocational Rehabilitation students, military personnel, national and international students, various companies, as well as non-traditionally prepared students.

Our Programs
We are entirely committed to giving our students the highest quality education possible to obtain entry-level employment skills in the heavy excavating and truck driving industry and provide both industries with quality, entry-level individuals who are able to satisfactorily complete their fleet job and contribute to their community.