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Heavy Equipment Operator School

National Training, Inc. (NTI) is fully licensed by State of Florida, Commission for Independent Education (License #335), coeducational career schools general offices located in Orange Park, Florida. Training operations at our 350-acre training facilities in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Our Heavy Equipment Operator School (HEOS) provides training for entry-level machinery and equipment operator training.

NTI is the parent company of both NTDS and HEOS — incorporated and licensed in the State of Florida and in continuous operation since 1978. NTI is not affiliated with any other organization.

Graduates of the Heavy Equipment Program will receive registry in the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

What is the outlook for jobs in the future for Heavy Equipment Operators?

Construction equipment operators held about 424,800 jobs in 2014. Jobs were found in every section of the country and were distributed among various types of operators. About three out of five construction equipment operators worked in the construction industry. Many equipment operators worked in heavy construction, building highways, bridges or railroads.

About one out of five of all construction equipment operators worked in state and local government. Others- mostly grader, bulldozer and scraper operators- worked in mining. Some also worked in manufacturing for utility companies. Less than one in twenty construction equipment operators were self-employed.

I have always heard that you must have at least 1-2 years experience to be hired in the heavy equipment industry?

Not True- upon course completion, receipt of a training certificate and NCCER registration, select contractors will give you the opportunity to “show your stuff”. The industry needs operators to fill the jobs need for construction projects across the nation. With your formal training, heart, and integrity, no experience is required for employment. If it were true that no one will hire an operator without 1-2 years experience, this would mean when all the experienced operators were gone, we would have no operators and our heavy equipment machines would be without any operators.

How much do equipment operators earn?

In 2015, median hourly earnings of operating engineers and other construction equipment operators was $21.06. The average median income was $43,810** per year in May of 2015.
*Source: US Occupational Outlook Handbook
**Source: US Department of Labor- Bureau of Labor Statistics