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Our Schools

For more than 3 decades National Training, Inc. has provided career skills training through many CDL and Heavy Equipment courses. National Training, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best training and education to each individual who enrolls in our programs. A world class curriculum and a dedication to providing materials and hands-on skills training has helped maintain the schools staying power over the years. We want each student to graduate and feel that they have received all the necessary skills and training they need to have success moving forward in their lives and career.

National Truck Drivers Training

National Truck Drivers School

Our school offers quality certified truck driving courses and training that are recognized by private and government agencies. We are equipped to train you in facilities that are specifically designed for truck driving, with 350 acres of land, 8,000 sq. ft. of classroom space, 1 1/4 mile shifting track, and backing pad. Our instructors are certified professionals that are properly trained for truck driving in industry protocols with real world experiences ready to share with you. Enroll now and start your training immediately.


Auto Hauler Training Institute

Auto Haulers University

Recently, NTI was selected as the official training school of the Auto Hauler Association of America (AHAA) giving birth to Auto Hauler University by National Training, Inc. The skills as an Auto Transport Driver are skills that will never go away. These skills will carry job security for years to come. Ask yourself this question: Where have you ever travelled in the U.S. and never passed an Auto Transport Truck? So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start training! Training starts immediately.


Heavy Equipment Training

Heavy Equipment Operator School

Heavy Equipment Operator training is in demand with Worldwide Employment Opportunities! Job demands (for qualified heavy equipment operators) show strong, consistent growth patterns. This means job security, diverse employment opportunities, great benefits, retirement plans and steady compensation. Welcome aboard the exhilarating and rewarding career of a professional heavy equipment operator!