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Earth Mover School Graduate Brad Willard Sr.: February 2003

Our very first recognized graduate is Mr. Brad Willard Sr. from Palm Bay Florida. Brad Willard Sr. attended our training facility back in February of 2003. He graduated on the 28th and immediately was hired by Parmenter Construction. He changed jobs soon after to join on with Belcorp out of Jacksonville Florida. The piece of equipment […]

Earth Mover School Graduate Ken Jello: May 2003

Computer consultants tend to make a lot of money. They can command impressive fees if they are really good. They work indoors and meet new people frequently. Unfortunately, many of there jobs have been exported to India and other parts outside the US. Mr. Ken Jello was a very good computer systems consultant. But with […]

Earth Mover School Graduate James Burrough: December 2003

National Training’s Heavy Equipment Operator School has some Interesting graduates from over the past couple of years that we want to share with you. Their successes and triumphs are real and presented to you for your enjoyment and encouragement. Meet Mr. James Burrough. James attended and successfully completed our Heavy Equipment Operators Program last February. […]

Earth Mover School Graduate Genaro Espino: January 2004

Genaro Espino had a successful career with the United States Marine Corps before his decision to learn the finer points of a heavy equipment operator. Genaro’s wife gave birth this past June and He did not want to leave his young family again as the service will have you do. So, Mr. Espino enrolled with […]

Earth Mover School Graduate Derrin Evans: February 2004

National Training would like to pause and honor one of our graduates. Please meet Mr. Derrin Evans. Derrin Iis now gainfully employed in the heavy equipment industry thanks to a great start from National Training Heavy Equipment Operators School. Derrin gets paid handsomely now to operate the JCB back-hoe, New Holland skid-steer loader, Volvo loader, […]

Earth Mover School Graduate Dean Harris: March 2004

National Heavy Equipment Operators School is pleased to recognize Mr. Dean Harris as a featured graduate. We chose Dean Harris because he displayed tremendous courage in making a career change. Dean has placed a premium on his family that we salute. Prior to becoming a gainful heavy equipment operator, Dean owned and operated his own business. […]

Earth Mover School Graduate Glen Bonit: April 2004

When a man is faced with the reality that his family must be cared for no matter what, he gets into gear. We will do almost anything that we can within the law to make sure our loved ones want for nothing. Mr. Glen Bonit recently faced this reality. Glen has a wife and two […]

Earth Mover School Graduate Victor Popowics: June 2004

Victor Popowics was a Machinist and free lance Landscaper. He eventually gained the resources and confidence to start his own landscaping business. Victor grew tired of the hassles associated with running a landscaping business and decided to pursue the heavy equipment operator field. With the support of his wife and “lovely 16 year old daughter”, […]

Earth Mover School Graduate William McCombs, Sr.: July 2004

National Heavy Equipment Operators School would like to pay tribute to an “Old Timer.” Mr. William McCombs, Sr. graduated from our Heavy Equipment program way back in August of 1989. We are featuring him because of a letter he sent the school. We are honored that our program helped him change his life forever.

Earth Mover School Graduate Calvin Laster: August 2004

Please meet Calvin Laster. Calvin Laster successfully completed our Heavy Equipment Operators Program back in August of 2003. Since then he has been operating a variety of equipment for Wayne Brothers in Davidson, North Carolina. Calvin was fortunate to have employment with Wayne Brothers before starting school. Unfortunately it was doing something he no longer enjoyed […]