Why Take CDL Training at National Truck Driving School?

Because Other Truck Driving Schools Can’t Offer You All these Benefits!

With all the truck driving schools to choose from, why would you select National Truck Driving School (NTDS)? Here are some great reasons to enroll with us to get your CDL and to learn how to drive a semi tractor-trailer . When you add them all up, it makes sense that so many students consider us their first choice. We think you should keep these reasons in mind as you “shop” for a school to attend:

NTDS is one of the MOST RESPECTED truck driving schools in the industry.

  • Some of the largest trucking companies send their drivers to us to conduct fleet training and their CDL road testing.

NTDS is the ONLY truck driving school in the country with an expansive, 350-acre training facility,

  • including a private highway custom-built for truck driver training.
    A safe learning environment is a must to master semi-truck driving skills. (To learn more, click here.)

Employers rank our training course in the top tier of all the private and public truck driving schools in the country.

  • This gives our graduates an edge over graduates of other truck schools. (Click here to learn more.)

We teach our students with our time-tested, proprietary method,

which we believe is the best among all truck-driving schools.

Our CDL Now Program offers four times the amount of actual hands-on, equipment exposure,

compared to many of our competitors’ programs.

  • Many schools allow students only 15 to 30 hands-on training hours, while NTDS gives you 120 hours of actual hands-on training.
  • We believe that hands-on training and practice with real equipment is the only way to master professional-level driving skills. We do NOT use simulators. (Click here to learn more.)

NTDS offers the most options for truck driver training in the industry.

Programs like CDL Noware designed to prepare you for an entry-level operator position in the perspective fields.

NTDS is the oldest private truck driving school in Florida,

and is well established in the entire country, with nearly 41 years of experience.

  • We enjoy an “All Pro” reputation with over 38,000 graduates driving trucks professionally.

Not All CDL Training is Created Equal. NTDS has other truck driving schools beat!